Breakfast Bowl Ideas Using Fall Superfoods

If you are interested in using more superfoods this fall, a great option for you is to make breakfast bowls. You might have heard of smoothie bowls, but that is definitely not the only fun bowl idea for breakfast that doesn’t include cereal. Take a look at these healthy options for your next superfood breakfast to try during the cooler fall season.

Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Here is another tasty breakfast bowl that is going to use those wonderful superfoods, this time lots of apples. Quinoa is added in to give you a healthy grain that is filling and contains plenty of fiber. This quinoa bowl is on the sweeter side, using sliced apples, apple pie spice, applesauce, and some almond milk or soy milk. You can also make it even sweeter with some pure maple syrup drizzles on top.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

This may not sound appetizing right away, but give it a chance! You aren’t just eating a bowl of sweet potatoes; you are combining them with some of the classic fall flavors for a healthy and nutrient-rich breakfast bowl that is easy to put together. In addition to the sweet potatoes, which should be mashed after cooking them, add in a mashed banana and mix it together. You can then add in your spices, whether you add them individually, or go with allspice or a simple pumpkin pie spice. Other ingredients are up to you, though chia seeds and almond milk go really good with this type of breakfast bowl.  I love to top mine with some spiced granola and raisins!

Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal

This is often a fan favorite, so you should definitely give it a try. You can transform your morning oatmeal into a fall spiced delight and make it taste just like pumpkin pie. Some ingredients to use include rolled oats, water, milk, banana, pumpkin pie spice, and your choice of natural sweetener. You can go with agave syrup or a pure maple syrup. Pumpkin puree is of course also added in the oatmeal.

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