Andrea Hop


"I had the pleasure to meet with Andrea last week. She made me feel comfortable right away. She helped me with meal planning and was a great help in helping me to make choices that are healthier. She sent me some great recipes to get started and steered me to some great books and web sites. She is very knowledgeable!"
- Roxanne K

"Andrea is so encouraging! She is great at figuring out how to put together meal plans, especially for people with multiple food sensitivities and picky families to feed! Highly recommend!"
- Jennifer K

"Andrea took time to learn about not only my food choices but those of my family. She has provided multiple resources and encouragement for our journey to a healthier lifestyle. She brings passion and knowledge to the table, definitely an asset to anyone looking to create a lifestyle full of healthy choices."
- Susan

"I am so glad that I went to see Andrea for meal planning ideas. Her office is lovely and inviting, and her personality makes you comfortable right from the get go. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle is genuine and makes the experience a very personal one. She took the time to talk to me about my goals and to understand my family's needs before making meal suggestions. I really appreciated the fact that my session with her wasn't a canned, "one size fits all" experience. I received an email with all sorts of follow up suggestions and resources from her later in the day of my appointment. I was so impressed with the timeliness and thoroughness of her follow up. As I work to create a healthier overall lifestyle for my family, I am happy to know that Andrea is there to help me!"
- Jenn

"I was seeking someone to help me met my goals of becoming a healthier eater. Andrea did just that and more! She acknowledged my strengths. And, was encouraging when helping me find the reasons why I was struggling. She then gave suggestions to become healthier on a day to day basis. After our sessions, Andrea emailed a summary, list of new goals, recipes, and other ideas for healthy living. She was always prompt and thorough. Added bonus, she did this all gracefully with my distracting toddler. Andrea was very generous in sharing her knowledge about healthy living. I feel so blessed that both my family and I will be benefiting from her care!"
- Afton

“My top 3 goals upon starting my 6-month program were removing processed foods from my pantry, sweating 4x a week, and gaining a sense of confidence (mind & body). Andrea helped me work towards these goals by always encouraging me and reminding why I started this program, setting me up with all the right tools and resources (meal prep, recipes, detox plans), and explaining/shedding new light on stressors.  The biggest tangible change I have noticed since starting my program has been my mental state!  I am so much more kind to myself and choose to show up for me. My body is physically changing – my bloat is decreasing, I have WAY more energy, and I’m eliminating waste rapidly with ease. I never felt alone or judged for the choices I made regarding my health.  Andrea always reminded me of my progress when I thought I was letting myself down or not improving.  I came into Andrea’s office imagining to improve my overall health through nutrition and exercise.  To my surprise, we touched on so many more parts of my life I never knew needed attention.  No part of me feels neglected.  Thank you!”

- Kirsten D.


Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I watched my grandpa teach high school and my mom teach elementary school both for over 30 years.  I loved watching the lives they touched and impacted, and I wanted to do the same.  

So, I studied hard in high school, went to college with a great education program, earned my degree and my certificate, started teaching high school, and then chased another dream of getting my Master's Degree in Learning Disabilities.  What a journey it has been!  During the pursuit of this dream, I dealt with anxiety and depression, auto-immune issues, and inconsistent menstrual cycles.  Little did I know these signals were my body telling me I was out of balance and had been for quite a long time.  I soldiered through them all and consulted my family physician or a specialist here or there when needed.  Their advice: “Take this pill, this cream, come back if it doesn’t work and we can change the dosage…”  Does this sound familiar?

My symptoms were a progression of immune distress starting early in my life:

When I was 5, it started with seasonal ALLERGIES.

Then it progressed to IRON DEPOSITS on my teeth & FAT DEPOSITS on my eyelids that were unexplained, plantar
, and the start of ANXIETY in middle school.

Not far behind that in high school came getting sick with MONO, COLDS & FLU, the diagnosis of PSORIASIS compounded with IRREGULAR MENSTRUAL CYCLES and PMS. The only solution offered -Birth Control and topical creams for my skin.

In college and into early adulthood, I started to suffer from SEASONAL DEPRESSION, HIVES on my body & HERPES under my nose when stressed, continued PMS & IRREGULAR CYCLES, LOW ENERGY, getting COLDS & FLU multiple times a year, and then the worst blow…

UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY when my husband and I wanted to start a family in 2013.

None of the health professionals I entrusted with my care ever talked to me about the ROOT CAUSE of what was happening in my body or that these symptoms and conditions were related.  No one ever suggested I needed to eat more fruits and vegetables, looked at what was happening in my digestive system, suggested exercise, water, herbs, etc. could help me begin to balance my body.  I took some prescriptions for bad allergies, for hormonal support, and even added a daily dose of vitamins in there, but I eventually stopped taking them because I saw NO improvements in my body.  I kept pressing on and relied on my body to keep working.

In 2013, I heard a Neurotherapist speak on how fruits and vegetables are critical for the health of our brains and bodies, and I was inspired to really eat as many plants as I could and work to reduce my toxic load and stress in my life. After 5 years in my career, I realized I was chronically stressed and began to be open to a new path.  In February 2014, I embarked on a journey that would change the path of my career and my life.  I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach.  I was initially just assuaging my thirst for learning, but this eventually lead to a passion to help other people begin to come back to balance as a holistic health coach.  
I pulled in other holistic modalities - acupuncture, Naturopathic medicine, energy therapy, massage, chiropractic care - because I became committed to caring for myself through self-care and therapies outside of traditional Western Medicine.
Health and wellness can be a very confusing field to navigate and understand.  With so many diets, websites, celebrities, Instagram accounts, Facebook ads, meal plans, etc. it can be overwhelming to know what to do! As your health coach, I help you navigate what foods energize and nourish you and what ones make you feel tired, sluggish, bloated, and depressed. I did this for myself, so I know it’s possible to ditch those symptoms! Let me help you heal and avoid the emotional, mental, and physical distress of chronic health issues.
I help you eat intuitively and eat more fruits and vegetables, learn what super foods are amazing for supporting your body, find self-care and exercise routines that are fun, and support your transformation in every step of your journey to your best health.
I believe you already know your answers.  No one knows your body better than you know it, so it takes a little guidance and support to give yourself permission to uncover those distressing symptoms in order to help bring YOU back to BALANCE of the mind, body, and spirit.

I’ve been through hell and back with my health so you don’t have to! We will work together to stop the cascade of imbalances and immune issues before your body becomes overloaded, taxed, and bogged down with auto-immune conditions and hormonal chaos.
You deserve to be healthy and whole and step into your vision of radiant health and wellness. I would be honored to help you along this journey!